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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Screwin' With Nature


Collect 20 Shielding Shades
Craft 6 Experiment Stations
Fully Heal 6 Meteor Shards and apply the Elements it drops


Wither Protection, Meteor Extractor, Fountain Grass

Notes: Shielding Shades drop from Deadly Nightshade. Experiment Stations are crafted. Meteor Shards are found from "fishing" in the Meteor with a Meteor Extractor (Crafted) and is healed with 5 Doc's Energy Extractors (Wall Post). That then drops an Element which is used in the Meteor.

Each Extractor requires 2 Tiny Picks (Pine Tree) and 2 Tweezers (Wall Post).

Each Station requires 6 Oaken Sawhorses (Wood Lathe) and 6 Biological Microscopes (Direct Request)