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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Fattenin' Em Up

This mission releases Wednesday November 26th 2014.

[Please Note: This is a Timed Mission, when started we will have 10 Days to complete it.]


Harvest 100 Squash
Clobber 4 Turkey Vultures
Craft 6 Fowl Guard Posts


100 Gold Dust, Doc's Growth Formula, Royal Rooster

Notes: Turkey Vultures appear from harvesting Squash and are clobbered with 10 Gobble Clobberers. Fowl Guard Posts are Crafted.

Each Clobberer requires 3 Enticing Spots (Wall Post) and 2 Trick Hammers (Catnip)

Each Post requires 4 Old Outhouses (Wall Post) and 5 Stripped Poles (Jumbo Canes)