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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Red Steals Tess

[This mission releases Monday 10th November]


Collect 6 Scout Squirrel
Request 25 Scouting Reports
Craft 20 Posses


4 Crazier Cake, Sixshooter, Quick Draw Quaff

Notes: Scout Squirrels come from Red's Tracks which is healed with 100 Ted's Suspicion (Ted's Intuition sent from neighbours counts as 4). Scouting Reports are a Direct Request. Posses' are Crafted.

Each Suspicion requires 2 Deduction (Red's Cactus) and 2 Strange Feeling (Wall Post)

Each Posse requires 5 Iron On Badges (Iron Forges) and 6 Eager Stallions (Wall Post)