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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Father Knew Best


Collect 4 Ol' Dogs
Collect 4 BBQ Cows
Send 500 Son's Memories or Ted's Suspicion


Animal Vaccine, 2 Dream Boosts, 1 Red's Secret Safe

Notes: Ol' Dogs come from healing Reds which take 28 Son's Memories (Special Memories sent by neighbours count as 4 tends). BBQ Cows come from healing Clay Ovens which are healed with 80 Ted's Suspicion (Ted's Intuition sent by neighbours counts as 4 tends). Memories and Suspicion are crafted and sent via the Guest House.

Each Memory requires 3 Thrown Balls (Snowball Piles) and 2 Worn Mitts (Wall Post)

Each Suspicion requires 2 Deduction (Red's Cactus) and 2 Strange Feeling (Wall Post)