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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Bo's Secret Weapon

[This mission is part of the Country Fair Cookoff Thread]


Craft 10 Perfect Bacon Strips
Tend Pigs 2'500 Times
Collect 15 Perfect Donuts


Battered Bacon Ferris Wheel Boost, Wilderness Juice, Warehouse Slot Upgrade

Comes from:

Addictive Delights

Notes: Bacon is crafted. Free Range Pigs will count as 4 tends towards the 2'500. Perfect Donuts can drop from Fry Crops, Fryin Vats and Fair Stoves (all tends).

Each Bacon Strip requires 8 Exceptional Oil (Canola Flowers), 8 Grease Thermometers (Wall Post) and 6 Tender Bacon (Direct Request)