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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Addictive Delights

[This mission is part of the Country Fair Cookoff Thread]


Tend a Lilac Quail 10 Times
Ask for 20 Better Batter
Cook at the Fryin Vat 20 Times


3 Canola Flowers, Fertile Ash Boost, Ashen Alpaca

Comes from:

Good Grease


Bo's Secret Weapon

Notes: We received a Lilac Quail from the previous mission. Better Batter is a Direct Request. Fryin Vats can drop from fully healed Fair Stoves and are healed with 5 Experimental Recipes.

Each Recipe requires 2 Gastronomical Intuition (Bubblin' Cauldrons) and 3 Culinary Flair (Wall Post)