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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Years Resolutions, Get Organised Missions

Mission 1:

Store 10 Decorations
Clear 50 Debris (any type)
Feed 50 Animals (any type)

Rewards 300XP, 100 Food

Mission 2:

Collect 10 Paint Chips (Wall Request)
Customise 5 Buildings
Collect 1 Toast Glass (Resolution Collection)

Rewards 600XP, 1 Organised Crate, 1 Resolution Completion

Notes: If you're doing the second Workaholic mission the 50 animals should be extremely easy to complete. The same decoration can be stored and taken out repeatedly to count. Leave a large area in the southern area of your homestead to grow debris. You can customise the same building 5 times. The Glass comes from the Resolution Collection and can be found doing anything on your homestead.

The Crate can contain: