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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Year's Resolutions, Exercise Missions

Mission 1:

Chop Down 10 Trees
Tend 30 Cows
Dig 10 Rocks

Rewards 200XP, 5 Energy

Mission 2:

Click 100 Bonus popups
Kill 10 Varmints (any type)
Collect 1 Bee (Clover Collection)

Rewards 400XP, 1 Exercise Crate, 1 Resolution Completion

Notes: The trees can be saplings, so can simply be bought and chopped with a single chop, it doesn't have to be a fully grown tree to count. Rocks can be found by leaving a large area on the southern part of your homestead and waiting, debris appears randomly so rocks may not appear quickly. The bonus popups are the "Doobers", the little stars, coins etc that pop out of a tended animal or crop.

The Crate can contain: