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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Which Came First?


Fully heal 3 Unstable Chickens
Collect 12 Irradiated Eggs
Craft 8 Electrified Coops


Worm Nest, Alien Sheep, Holiday Mystery Crate

Notes: Unstable Chickens come from using a Green Essence in the meteor and are healed with 10 Chicken Solutions which are crafted. Irradiated Eggs drop from Adult Standard Chickens. Electrified Coops are crafted.

Each Coop requires 6 Buried Posts (Recycle Bin), 6 Mesh Wiring (Wall Post) and 9 Parthian Batteries (Direct Request)

Each Solution requires 2 Stabilizing Compounds (Giant Toadstool) and 2 Chicken Mix (Wall Post)