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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Alien Bacon


Tend Wandering Aliens 12 Times
Fully heal 3 Unstable Pigs
Craft 12 Security Grade Pig Pens


Yellow Element, Secret Mystery Crate, Random Reward

Notes: You received a Wandering Alien from Mission 8. Unstable Pigs are made by using a Yellow Element in the Meteor and are healed with 10 Pig Solutions which are crafted. Security Grade Pig Pens are crafted.

Each Solution requires 2 Stabilizing Compounds (Giant Toadstool) and 2 Pig Feed (Wall Post)

Each Pig Pen requires 4 Bags of Concrete (Silver Forge), 8 Extra Long Shovels (Wall Post) and 6 Pig Slop (Direct Request)