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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Test of Strength


Defeat 2 Boxing Suitors
Defeat 1 Kung Fu Suitor
Send 5 Improved Boxing Gloves


2 Spearmint, 175 Bachelorette Dandelions, 2 Jasmine

Notes: Boxing and Kung Fu Suitors come from healing a Wrestling Bear with 4 Boiled Leather Gloves (Wall Post). Suitors are beaten with 8 Boxing Gloves (Golden Gloves count as 4 tends). Improved Boxing Gloves are crafted and become Golden Gloves when received by neighbours.

Each Boxing Glove requires 2 Weaved Leather (Basic Still) and 3 Red Oven Mitts (Wall Post)

Each Improved Boxing Glove requires 8 Faux Filling (Iron Forge), 6 Empty Mitts (Wall Post) and 6 Brass Knuckles (Direct Request)