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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Grow Up Wrap Up


Have 6 Washboard Kittens
Have 4 Lumbearjacks
Send 530 Farm Hand Supplies


Strange Elixir, Animal Magnetism, Animal Vaccine Boost

Notes: Washboard Kittens come from Dirty Laundry which is healed with 28 Basic Chore Gear (Advanced Chore Gear counts as 4). Lumbearjacks come from Stubborn Stumps which are healed with 80 Farm Hand Supplies (Superior Farm Supplies count as 4).

Each Gear requires 3 Hard Work (Summer Squash) and 2 Well Worn Tools (Wall Post)

Each Supply takes 2 Greasy Elbows (Cacao) and 2 Tools of the Trade (Wall Post)