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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Formulate and Dominate


Tend 50 Adult Standard Oxen
Send 4 Spy Pigeons
Workout at Doc's Exercise Machine (fully heal) 6 times


2 Glass Roses, 50 Bachelorette Dandelions, 2 Hide Prepping Stations

Notes: Spy Pigeons are crafted and becomes Ageless Vigour when received. Doc's Exercise Machine is in the market and is healed with 8 Synthetic Oil (Ageless Vigour counts as 4 tends).

Each Pigeon requires 8 Spy Goggles (Wood Lathe) and 8 Carrier Pigeons (Wall Post)

Each Oil requires 2 Synthesiser (Angel Trumpet) and 2 Used Cooking Oil (Wall Post)