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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Frontier Statehood

This mission releases Monday 16th June


Find all three Mono-ponies
Harvest 50 Gardenias
Craft 38 Statehood Petitions


Uncle Jack Hat, Sixshooter Boost, Peppermint Earthquake

Notes: Monoponies are a Free Gift and are tended with 32 Local Influence (Political Influence Boosts from neighbours count as 4 tends). Gardenias are a Free Gift. State Petitions are Crafted.

Each Local Influence requires 2 Grassroots Movements (Brussles Sprout) and 3 Public Support (Wall Post)

Each State Petition requires 3 Petition Paper (Wild Nettles) and 3 Cases for Statehood (Wall Post)