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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Min's Mission

[This mission releases Monday 26th May]


Craft and send 3 Crop Express Boxes
Craft and send 4 Boost Express Boxes
Craft and send 8 Exquisite Express Boxes


Eco-Jacking, Animal Magnetism, Bullwhip

Notes: All Boxes are crafted and sent to neighbours.

Each Crop Express Box requires 4 Premium Seeds (Sunflowers) and 6 Dark Soil (Wall Post)

Each Boost Express Box requires 6 Glowing Essence (Spirit Cactus), 8 Special Salve (Wall Post) and 5 Shipping and Handling (Direct Request)

Each Exquisite Express Box requires 9 Packing Peanuts (Compost Piles), 12 Fancy Merch (Wall Post) and 9 Express Postage (Direct Request)