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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Unheisted Homestead


Send 6 Legal Advice
Defeat 6 Evil Paperwork
Harvest 25 Fiddlehead Fern


Bullwhip, 200 Vigilante Points, Espresso Boost

Comes from:

Day 4

Notes: Legal Advice is crafted and sent to neighbours. Evil Paperwork is defeated with 8 Library Law Book or Fancy Lawyer Talk (sent by neighbours and counts for 4 tends).

Each Legal Advice requires 6 Spectacular Spectacles (Baby Carrot), 6 Deers Toebuck Catalogues (Wall Post) and 6 Bowler Caps (Direct Request)

Each Library Law Book requires 3 Library Card Scraps (Goats) and 2 Reading Glasses (Wall Post)