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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Stakeout Takeout


Tend 50 Sheep
Send 4 Homestead Defence Kits
Remove 6 Claim Stakes


2 Matilija Poppies, 50 Vigilante Points, 2 Escargot Boosts

Comes from:

Day 2

Notes: Homestead Defence Kits are crafted and then sent to neighbours. Claim Stakes are removed with 8 Stake Remover (Crafted) or Aged Oak Stake Removers that are received from neighbours and count as 4 tends.

Each Kit requires 8 Feelings Sticks (Hide Prepping Stations) and 6 Ten Pounds of Gunpowder (Wall Post)

Each Stake Remover requires 2 Fulcrums (Rocks) and 2 Sturdy Wood (Wall Post)