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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Sneakin & Suspicious


Craft 6 Eddy Distractors
Collect 8 Eddy's Forgeries
Harvest 20 Fool's Gold


2 Irresistible Chow, 150 Vigilante Points, 1 Wire Cutter

Comes from:

Day 3

Notes: Eddy Distractors are Crafted. Eddy's Forgeries are found exploring Eddy's Hideout with Bandit Kits while dressed in a Masked Lasso Suit. Fool's Gold is a free gift crop.

Each Distractor requires 5 Baby's Candy (Candy Corn) and 3 Jack's Cough Syrup (Direct Request).

Each Bandit Kit requires 3 Triangle Picks (Witch Hazel) and 4 Slender Crowbars (Wall Post)