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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Emerica's New Supporter

[This mission releases Monday 31st March]


Clean Up 3 Nasty Campaign Posters
Protect Campaign Buildings 6 Times
Craft 8 Mudslinging Shields


Jack's Monument, Security Oxen, Superlative Jack

Comes from:

Level 18

Notes: Campaign Posters are cleaned with 6 Campaign Cleaners which are crafted. Campaign Buildings are Protected with Spider Swatters which are crafted. Mudslinging Shields are crafted.

Each Cleaner Requires 2 Soap Buckets (Lavender) and 2 Truth Serum (Wall Post).

Each Spider Swatter requires 2 10 Foot Poles (Spider Trees) and 2 Tennis Racquets (Wall Post)

Each Shield requires 6 Triple Pane Glass (Glass Roses), 9 Handled Frames (Wall Post) and 8 Shield Agents (Direct Request).