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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Creative Castles

[This is a Timed Mission. It will need to be completed within 14 days of starting and must be completed by 31st May]

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the timed nature of this mission and the random nature of the requirements we STRONGLY suggest doing work to at least collect feed for the Sandcastles in advance before starting it, minimising the time pressure.


Heal a White Sand Structure
Tend a White Sand Spired Castle 5 Times
Tend a Black Sand Dragon 5 Times


10 Horseshoes, Sandy Land Option, Mini Mount Avalanche Volcano

Notes: The Sandcastles have a similar healing chain to the recent Snowmen.

Stage One - Volcanic Sand Pile

Requires 4 Packed Sand (Silversword) and becomes a Prepared Sand Mound

Stage Two - Prepared Sand Mound

Requires 8 Sand Tools which are crafted from 2 Sand Trowels (Sieve Station) and 2 Sandy Buckets (Wall Post) and becomes either a White Sand Structure or Black Sand Structure.

Stage Three - Sand Structures

Requires 5 Sand Blueprints which are crafted from 3 Blue Chalk (Lichen), 3 Architecture Papers (Direct Request) and 4 Sandcastle Textbooks (Wall Post).

They then become one of three styles depending on type.