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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Crop Nourishment


Clean 4 Movin Muds
Complete Testing on 4 Aromatic Geysers
Complete the Hot Spring and Jump in!


3 Steamin' Crates, Crop Whisperer, Vaccine Boost

Comes from:

All Piped Up

Notes: Movin Muds drop from the Hot Spring Daily Bonus and Cucumbers and are cleaned with 8 Cleaning Solution which is crafted. Aromatic Geysers are tested with 10 testing kits which are also crafted. All building details are HERE.

Each Cleaning Solution requires 2 Cucumber Oil (Cucumbers, go figure) and 2 Liquid Soap (Wall Post)

Each Testing Kit requires 2 Control Samples (Reeds) and 2 Test Tubes (Wall Post)