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Monday, 6 May 2013

Shooting Star


Gather 30 Candied Figs
Craft 8 Acrobat Outfits
Craft 9 Clown Props


50 Peanut Readies, Peppermint Earthquake, Thrill Porker

Comes from:

Safety First

Notes: Candied Figs drop from Ripe Fig Trees. Outfits and Props are crafted.

Each Outfit requires 9 Bright Feathers (Ducks), 9 Sparkly Sequins (Wall Post) and 7 Tight Overalls (Direct Request)

Each Prop requires 6 Vibrant Dye (Cotton Candy/Blueberries), 6 Bouncy Wigs (Direct Request) and 5 Clown Noses (Wall Post)