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Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Legacy Of Ol' Bill


Tend 10 White Dogwood Trees
Banish 2 Tornados
Upgrade the Shelter


500XP, 500 coins, Rubber Root Dandelion, 3 Wind-Knotted Trees

Comes from:

Big Bad Mr Twister


Raining Cats and Dogs... and Frogs

Notes: IMPORTANT NOTE! "Clobbering" the Whirlwinds will drop a Dizzy Cow each time. Healing the Cow NOW will NOT count towards the amount we need in Mission 4 so you may be best simply collecting the items needed to heal it but DO NOT craft the feed and heal these two until Mission 4.

White Dogwood trees are free gifts and a mission reward. Tornados appear when chopping oaks, tending Dandelions or the Daily Bonus from the Shelter, and is clobbered with 4 Lassos (1 if riding the Grizzly) that drop from Hide Prepping Stations and White Sage. Building details are HERE.