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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Time To Bounce


Craft 4 Tandem Wooden Horses
Collect 40 Coiling Vines
Collect 15 Soft Spurs


500XP, 1 Lunch, 5 Twin Hugs

Comes from:

Day 4 Mission

Notes: Spurs are requested from friends. Vines come from harvesting Pumpkins.

Each Horse needs 8 Miniature Mounts, 8 Mounting Bolts and 4 Baby Saddles. Mounts come from Rideable Horses, Mounting Bolts and Saddles are Requested.

In total that's 32 Miniature Mounts, 32 Mounting Bolts and 16 Baby Saddles per Mission. That's 96 Miniature Mounts, 96 Mounting Bolts and 48 Baby Saddles including repeats.