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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Lullaby For Lily


Collect 60 Oily Polish
Collect 25 Horsehair String
Craft 8 Full Moon Cellos


1'000XP, 1 Dinner, 12 Twin Hugs

Comes from:

Day 8 mission.

Notes: Oily Polish comes from flax. Horsehair String comes from adult non rideable horses.

Cellos are crafted using 6 Cello Bellies, 8 Fingerboards and 4 Cello Bows, which are all requested.

In total you'll need 48 Cello Bellies, 64 Fingerboards, 32 Cello Bows per mission. That's 144 Cello Bellies, 192 Fingerboards and 96 Cello Bows including repeats.