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Monday, 14 May 2012

Big Fish Story

[PLEASE NOTE: One of the rewards for this mission is 30 Bait, which is the in-game limit. It is therefore STRONGLY suggested that you use up all the bait you have in store before completing the mission, leave some blueberries or part of the Hole build until after you've finished the Trout and used up spare bait.]


Harvest 80 Blueberries
Catch three Greenback or Bull Trout using your kid.
Relocate the Beavers (finish stage three of the Hole)


3 Aged Salmon, 30 Bait, 2'600 XP

Comes from:

Wrecking Records

Notes: Blueberries are in the market. Make sure you have your CHILD avatar active All crafting details HERE.