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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Cowgirl Training Overview

The following three missions are the overview missions for Cowgirl Training.

Cowgirl Training I

Have 20 Cowgirl Spurs
Complete Mission II (Horsing Around) Twice
Complete Mission III (Cowgirl Stew) Twice

Rewards: 1'000XP, 1'000 coins, 5 Spurs

Cowgirl Training II

Have 75 Cowgirl Spurs
Complete Mission VI (Cowgirl Chores) 3 Times
Complete Mission VII (Cactus Catastrophe) 4 Times

Rewards: 1'000XP, 1'000 coins, 15 Spurs

Cowgirl Training III

Have 135 Cowgirl Spurs
Complete Mission IX (Cactus Pie) 4 Times
Complete Mission X (Mustang Tamer) 4 Times

Rewards: 1'000XP, 25 Spurs, Little Crow's Steed