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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Year Resolutions, Workaholic Missions

Mission 1:

Play 5 Days in a Row
Hire 10 Neighbours
Collect 1 Calendar (Resolutions Collection)

Rewards 400XP, 200 Food

Mission 2:

Sell 50 Adult Oxen (Yes, FIFTY!)
Sell 50 Adult Pigs (Yep, again...)
Sell 50 Adult Goats (Ditto)

Rewards 800XP, 1 Workaholic Crate, 1 Resolution Completion

Notes: The Calendar is part of the Resolutions Collection and can be collected by doing anything on your homestead. Make sure to get your animals cooking early, Oxen take 7 tends of 18 hours apiece, Pigs take 9 tends of 6 hours each and goats take 10 tends of an hour each.

The Crate can contain: